Free Printables to Use in Your Homeschool

There are a variety of situations in which I find myself wanting to use printables in our homeschool – for holidays, to supplement unit studies, to check for literature comprehension, to review math facts, to reinforce concepts, etc. So I really appreciate all the free printables that are available these days. Here is a list of sites that I have found to have good free printables:

  • abcteach has a variety of printables for all grades and subjects. They also have teacher forms, certificates, calendars, etc.
  • Activity Village offers unique and fun printables that tend to be more appropriate for younger children. They offer notebooking pages, file folder games, holiday printables, printable scrapbooking paper, bookmarks, ASL flashcards, printable play money, and more. Other parts of their site offer coloring pages, craft projects, recipes, origami, and other goodies.
  • Donna Young is a homeschooler who has been making printables for homeschoolers for many years. She offers blackline maps, blank timelines, graph paper, math drill pages, homeschool planning sheets, and lots of helpful information.
  • Education Place has many high-quality, blank outline maps, including maps of continents, countries, states, maps with and without labels, historical maps, and more
  • Family Education’s Printable Center has a large selection of printables, such as outline maps, charts, coloring pages, skill builders, graphic organizers, etc.
  • Free printable graph paper can be found at a few sites. This can be especially important if your child gets into more advanced math. Incompetech and Print Free Graph Paper offers customizable paper generators, which is great, but may be confusing for non-math types. Printable Paper and Waterproof Paper offer pre-designed papers, which is less confusing, but doesn’t include as advanced of options that Incompetech and Print Free Graph Paper does.
  • Homeschool Launch is a website with printables made by and for homeschoolers. There are some especially nice lapbooking, notebooking, and unit studies printables (I personally find it easiest to navigate from the “View File List” page).
  • Jan Brett’s printables feature her gorgeous artwork. She has some wonderful flashcards, sight word sheets, coloring pages, craft projects, and more.
  • Johnnie’s Free Math Worksheets has a nice variety of math worksheets for grades K-8
  • Kidzone offers printables for grades pre-K – 5. I particularly like their dynamic math worksheets.
  • Learning Page requires a free membership to access their materials, but I have never been spammed by them in the several years that I have had a membership with them. They have a medium-sized selection of high-quality printables, plus they offer printables for each month that revolve around important dates of the month. What I really like about them, however, is their theme sheets. They have six different themes (Oceans, Zoo Animals, Dinosaurs, Reptiles/Amphibians, Insects/Spiders, Space). For each theme, they offer printables that cover math, language arts, and science for grades pre-K – 3 (as an example, the 2nd grade Zoo Animals Unit includes 60 pages of worksheets, 20 pages of fact files, 15 pages to create a mural with 10 pages of cutouts for the mural, lesson plans, teaching notes, and a recommended reading list).
  • National Geographic has only one printable, a Print ‘N’ Go coloring book. The coloring pages, however, are made with beautiful illustrations of animals (more appropriate for grades 3-5ish). Each animal also has a webpage with information and links about that animal.
  • SuperKids has a math worksheet creator that allows you to customize your worksheets
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