Barnes and Noble Educator Appreciation Days – April 10-18, 2010

This year, Barnes and Noble’s Educator Appreciation Days will be April 10 – 18. Homeschoolers can participate in the event and receive aneducator’s discount. I have heard a variety of tales about how Barnes and Noble employees handle homeschoolers. Some employees just take your word for it, others require something akin to a national security clearance before they will allow you to have an educator’s discount. I think that all companies are trying to become more sensitive to meeting homeschoolers’ needs, but if you want to take advantage of this discount, it would probably be best to try to arrive prepared with some form of proof that you homeschool (support group ID cards, copies of your declarations of intent, etc.)

During Educator Appreciation Days, Pre-K through grade 12 educators save up to 25% on classroom and personal purchases and 10% on CDs and DVDs! There will also be many special events for educators. You will need to check with your local Barnes and Noble or online to find out about what will be going on in your area.

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Posted by Maureen Sklaroff