Request a Free Truth About Trees Kit for Your Homeschool

A few weeks ago, I learned about a free kit from the Hardwood Forest Foundation. I saw the picture of it online, but still was not prepared for the large box that arrived on my doorstep! The “Truth About Trees” kit comes with an activity guide, handouts, a DVD, pencils, and all sorts of hands-on materials (including cookies for some reason – I have not read the whole guide to determine why, but cookies are always appreciated around here). The site says:

Please note the Truth About Trees educational kit is only distributed to forest products industry members and teachers. Verification is required.

I always consider homeschool parents to be teachers, so didn’t think twice about requesting the kit. I’m also always truthful about filling out such forms and received the kit with no questions asked, so assume the group is homeschooler-friendly.

If you are at all an environmentalist, I would recommend you look at the script before hand. The activity guide is completely separate from the script, but I could see where some environmentally-focused folks might not  not want to use the kit as they might not agree with everything in the script (it is done by people in the lumber industry and reflects that). I would recommend this kit for 2nd -5th graders, though it could be used for younger and older kids too.

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Posted by Maureen Sklaroff