Teaching Consumer Education in Your Homeschool

I found it easy to teach consumer education during my kids younger years, just by talking to them about commercials, playing board games, giving them an allowance, and helping them to budget their money. As they got older, however, I wanted to teach them about some of the more sophisticated aspects of finances and consumerism. During my quest to find tools to help me with this task, I found many useful websites for teaching financial literacy and consumer education to all ages.

  • Consumer Jungle teaches about contracts, independent living, the health care system, etc. and is intended for teens (we really liked their worksheets)
  • The Federal Reserve has an education site with lesson plans, games, and more
  • The IRS’s website has lessons about taxes¬†
  • My Stocks hosts the Global Stock Game, where users can trade stocks using virtual money
  • Planet Orange uses computer games to teach basic money skills, such as earning, spending, investing, and savings to kids in grades 1-6
  • The Mint teaches financial literacy to kids and teens with games, quizzes, and more
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Posted by Maureen Sklaroff