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Free American Presidents Timeline Poster for Homeschoolers

image Karen over at Karen’s History Project posted about a great freebie today. C-SPAN has a free American Presidents Timeline Poster. From C-Span’s site:

C-SPAN is delighted to announce our new American Presidents Timeline poster for classrooms. The 6ft long poster details the lives and public service careers of every president, plus key historical events, Supreme Court cases, and technology milestones throughout 280 years of Presidential history. They are free of charge to C-SPAN Classroom members. To reserve yours, simply log-in and click on “Get Offer” below! *(limit of one poster per member and only available to members with an address inside the continental U.S.A.)

I highly recommend you read the rest of Karen’s post, she has other links to a wealth of resources from C-SPAN and her blog is a treasure trove of information and resources for teaching history in your homeschool.

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Find a Local U-Pick for Some Summer Homeschool Fun

MP900401895[1]We went to pick strawberries today and everybody had a blast. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need to go pick strawberries, because my own strawberry plants would be heavy with red, ripe strawberries. Alas, I do not live in an ideal world. My plants are not producing much, so we did the next best thing and went to a local u-pick farm.

The kids think we did it just for the fun, which is honestly the truth, but I do love it when they learn while having fun. Of course, my older children didn’t really need to learn about plant life cycles and so forth. Instead they came home and spent the afternoon researching various ways to prepare strawberries (while leaving plenty to eat). So now we have fresh strawberry cupcakes and muffins and tomorrow will be making freezer jam and strawberry ice cream. All in all, they spent the entire day and evening immersed in picking and working with strawberries and know more about strawberries, strawberry foods, and strawberry lore than most people ever want to know.

I thought I would post a link to a wonderful resource for people interested in picking their own produce. This site has a list of u-picks, organized by state and county. The wonderful thing about the site is that they have u-picks that don’t have websites (yes, there are still places that don’t have websites!), which you may not be able to find out about by doing an internet search. There are also some comments, which have been extremely helpful for us.

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Up to $100 Savings on Rosetta Stone Homeschool Edition

PrintI received a notice about a discount on Rosetta Stone’s Homeschool Edition. If you are unfamiliar with Rosetta Stone, it is a very popular software program for learning a variety of languages. We used it to study Mandarin and were very happy with the results. The discount is good until September 21, 2010. You can also use the code “hsm610” when ordering by phone.

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Lego Smart Creativity Contest Extends Its Contestant Limit

I received an e-mail from Lego Education informing me that they are allowing more people to enter the Lego Smart Creativity Contest. The contest is for teachers, not students. You will receive a small Lego set when you register. Registration ends July 31, 2010. Here is a blurb form the e-mail I received:

We have exciting news! Thanks to the support of educators from across the nation, the LEGO® SmartTM Creativity Contest is extending its limit past 10,000 new contestants…indefinitely!

Starting today, ALL K-12 teachers and home educators working in the U.S. are invited to register for the 2010 LEGO Smart Creativity Contest!

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Homeschool Math Curriculum

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Right now, I am continuing to plan what curriculum we will use next year. Ironically, I’m having a harder time planning to homeschool one child than I did when I was homeschooling four. This is largely because my son has some major learning disabilities and as a result, is years behind in certain subjects. He is entering middle school next year and I am beginning to panic about closing that gap before high school. Fortunately, his reading is coming along nicely now, so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Ironically, the one subject that he has never struggled with, math, he has been struggling with some this year. Long division has been giving him fits and I have been pulling my hair out trying to help him. I have been investigating many math curriculums, as a result, in an effort to find one that presents long division in a way that makes sense to him.
I thought I’d pass on the long list of homeschool math curriculum suppliers that I have accumulated in the process. (For my list of online and distance learning curriculum suppliers, click here.)

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Taking a Week Off

I am in the process of switching laptops, which has created some technical issues. So I am going to take a week off from blogging so I can focus on getting everything up and running properly.

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K12’s Education and Enrichment Sale

Now through June 30th, you can get 15% of K12 curriculum. Here are some of the details from their site:

Our Education & Enrichment Sale gives you 15% off all prepaid K¹² independent study**, homeschool curriculum and powerspeaK¹² world language course purchases, including materials. And with our multi-course and multi-child discounts, the more you buy, the more you save!

Interested in teacher-supported courses? We are also offering 5% off all teacher supported courses, plus 5% off tuition in the private, online K¹² International Academy tuition!

Our Education & Enrichment Sale runs from June 1 to June 30, so order today! Please use promo code K12d26d25 when ordering. You can also call toll free 866.609.9575 to order.

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Homeschool Co-op 1st Summer Reading Challenge

I just posted about summer reading challenges, but today the Homeschool Co-op announced that they will be hosting a summer reading challenge. It will run June 1-August 31. Each week, they will be giving out $15 Amazon gift certificates. Then in September, they will have a grand prize drawing for an Apple iPad! Your child will get one chance to win for each hour he has read since June 1st. You must be a co-op member, which is free and I highly recommend as they have all sorts of  awesome deals for homeschoolers.

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National Trails Day Offers Lots of Homeschooling Opportunities

This Saturday, June 5, 2010, is National Trails Day. You can check their map to see if there are any events planned near you. Around my area, there are bird watching and ranger tours, providing educational opportunities. There are also other hikes, bike rides, and equestrian events, providing opportunities for exercise. And there are many trail clean-up projects going on, providing opportunities to volunteer. All in all, it sounds like there will be something fun for everyone.

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