Friday’s Mailbag – July 23, 2010

There is not a super lot going on with homeschool blogs right now – it is, after all, summer, and people are on vacation, enjoying the weather, and so forth. Nonetheless, there have been some interesting blog posts that I thought I’d share (not homeschooling posts per se, but relevant to homeschooling IMHO):

  • This post discusses the use of labels for special needs kids. As my oldest son has an “Asperger’s Syndrome” label and my younger son has a “language-based learning disorder” label, the post really got me thinking.
  • Filth Wizardy is a blog that I just started reading. She is very creative and has some really fun craft projects for preschoolers. I particularly liked these posts: Music Wall (R.I.P. Music Tree) (what a great way to let kids make some music!), Tissue Paper and Glue Window Collage (I think we’ll do this in the winter for a holiday decoration),  and Iron On Decals from Plastic Shopping Bags.
  • I also am hoping to make this DIY: PBK Lazy Susan from the Crafter’s File Box. I think it will make arts and crafts time with my youngest much easier.
  • Finally, there was a post about making these cool scavenger hunts cards on the Saltwater Kids blog.
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Posted by Maureen Sklaroff