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MP900439523[1] So how are you spending your summer vacation? Are you even taking a vacation from “school”? Or are you an unschooler who never “schools” to begin with? We’re taking a sort-of break. My oldest is taking a true school break, my 2nd is taking summer school classes at the local community college, my 3rd stays busy with volunteering during the summer, my 4th wants to work on science stuff and has been doing some division problems (per my request) as well as reading out loud with me, and the toddler is learning a mile a minute and generally keeps me on my toes. Plus, we’re going on fieldtrips, having guests, playing games, going to the park, and so forth. So, though we aren’t having our usual structured homeschool days and classes, the summer seems to be flying by way to fast.
One thing that I need to complete this summer is my son’s lesson plans for next year. How about you? Are you working on lesson plans or do you do them as you go (or forgo them altogether)?
In the event that you are also working on lesson plans, here are a list of language arts curriculum suppliers that may help you with your endeavor. For my list of online and distance learning curriculum suppliers, click here.)

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