A, B, C, Flashcards with Vintage Art


I stumbled on these A, B, C flashcards today and thought they were really cute. I also like that they use words for the vowels that begin with short vowels, which is usually the vowel sound children learn first when studying phonics. Many flashcards might use “eagle” for “e” or “airplane” for “a”, which really drives me up the wall. These same companies might also use blends for constants, such as “snake” for “s”. I’m a bit touchy on the issue as my son has dyslexia and I can’t tell you how important it was us that he only use phonics materials that used the short vowel sounds until he really had those sounds down pat.

These images are public domain images, so are free to use. They are hosted on Karen’s Whimsy.

A-H image

I-R image


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