A B See Photo Meme – M is for Maple Seed

I decided to start participating in The Homeschool Post’s A B See Photo Meme for three reasons. Firstly, I wanted a way to participate in the larger homeschool blogging community. Secondly, I wanted an excuse to partake more in nature walks. Thirdly, I wanted to improve my photography. Believe it or not, I majored in media, with an emphasis in video and film. It has been 20 years, however, since I graduated from college and in that time, my photo skills have become pretty outdated and a bit rusty. One major area I need to work on is the post-production aspect as we only had dark rooms back in my college days. So I am completely unfamiliar with PhotoShop and what not.
Each week for the meme, I will post one photo that has a subject matter that represents a letter of the alphabet, until I have done all 26.
I had intended to post this on Wednesday as a Wordless Wednesday photo, but my daughter was sick, so I never got the chance. I’m glad though, as I feel the photo needs a bit of explaining. As I mentioned, I want to practice my photography while on nature walks with my daughter, who loves to be outside all day long. This may not be practical every week, especially as winter begins, but I’m going to try. This week, I became obsessed with trying to capture a maple seed spiraling after being thrown in the air (something that fascinated my daughter). This proved to much more difficult than I anticipated as it was hard to find the seed through the lens and then, when I did, it ended up being blurry. These issues were further compounded by it being almost sunset. So I only got one remotely decent shot, which still required a lot of post editing to be able to see the seed. So my photo is a bit funky looking. Still, it was good post-production practice.


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