Homeschooling Highschool: Preparing for the PSAT and SAT

MP900402266[1]If your student is going to be taking the PSAT this October, you may want to do some last minute review in order to give him the best odds of scoring well on the test. Ideally, one should start preparing for the PSAT during the spring or summer before the test (or even a full year in advance). If your student does not test well, or is really counting on good PSAT/SAT scores for scholarships or admission to a highly competitive college, then it may be worth the money to invest in a PSAT/SAT prep class or hire a tutor.
If your student tests well and/or does not intend to rely on high scores for scholarships or admission to highly competitive colleges, you may find that free or cheap test prep resources are all you need.
Regardless, it is best to do some sort of test prep for the PSAT and/or SAT. When I was a kid, they told us that you couldn’t study for the PSAT/SAT, but the fact is that you can and you can raise your score quite a bit by doing so.
Here are some free PSAT/SAT test prep resources:

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