Mission of the Month–November 2010

Mama Jenn runs a monthly post called Mission of the Month. The idea is that moms focus on a personal goal for a month and that by publishing that goal on our blogs, we are more likely to get it done (else we have to blog that we didn’t get it done and that’s no fun).

Mission of the Month

Mission for November – This month I want to focus on nutrition. Since, Dora was born, I have gotten horrible about resorting to fast food or ordering pizza and the whole family is suffering nutritionally and financially as a result. Part of the problem is that Dora really is very high-maintenance. She’s not badly behaved, just very needy. Plus Mr. Mo works late and/or travels a lot, so it can be hard to get dinner on the table or make lunches for the next day. In addition, we live right next to four fast food and two pizza joints, which makes it so much easier to get take-out (note to self, next time we move, don’t live near fast food places).
So this month, I am hoping that we can keep fast food/pizza to no more than two meals/week. That might seem like a lot to other people, but I’d be very happy if we can keep it to that.
I’m real good at planning meals out when I buy groceries once a week, but then things happen and I’m running late or I’m too tired or Dora is clinging to my leg or… So I am trying to keep meal planning much simpler. Yogurt is fine for lunch and doesn’t require preparation. For dinner, if it comes to it, canned soup or peanut butter and jelly is better than fast food. I just need to remember that these simpler meals are options.
In addition, if something that I am doing is running late, I need to stop whatever it is and cook dinner. Else, I am giving whatever else that I am doing higher priority than our health and budget. So, some homeschool lessons make not get done, but I guess that I’ll be teaching the kids a more important life lesson by showing them that I do value nutrition and our budget.
Do you have any secrets to making sure dinner gets put on the table every night and that lunches eaten away from home are healthy? I’d love to hear about it. This is one area that I am really struggling with.

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