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50% off at Corps of Re-Discovery on Black Friday

I’m not an affiliate for Corps of Re-Discovery, but I love their hands on history projects. I also love supporting companies run by and for homeschoolers. I received an e-mail from them advertising their Black Friday sale:

This coupon is good for 50% up to four of any of the following special packages!

Pioneer Craft Pack
Reg. $73.44
w/Coupon: $36.72

Frontier Craft Pack
Reg. $80.95
w/Coupon $40.48

American Indian Pack
Reg. $58.93
w/Coupon: $29.48

Home Ec Pack
Reg. $44.94
w/Coupon $22.47

Enter Coupon Code “Fifty” when you check out.  Coupon limited to up to four packages (any combination)  per shipping address.  Adjustments will be made in our office if necessary.

Offer Expires: Midnight, Eastern Time, Monday, November 29, 2010

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Big Sale on Signing Time Products

Holiday Calendar

I know I said I wasn’t going to post this week, but I just had to post about this awesome sale for Signing Time products. We took advantage of this deal last year and saved a bundle on the series.

As an FYI, I am not an affiliate for Signing Time, so make no money from promoting their products. We just love their products. 

Friday, November 26: 50% off orders over $50 – 1 Day Only!
  • All single DVDs, CDs, Books and Flash Card orders over $50 will automatically receive a 50% discount.
  • Single items only – excludes ALL GIFT CARDS, GIFT SETS AND PRODUCT BUNDLES
  • Shop Now
Saturday, November 27: $15 off orders over $50 – 1 Day Only!
  • $15 off any orders over $50.
  • Excludes gift cards.
  • Discount automatically applied during checkout.
  • Shop Now
Sunday, November 28: Free shipping on orders over $50 – 1 Day Only!
  • Free shipping on orders over $50 – on domestic U.S. orders only.
  • Free shipping via USPS Media Mail (2-3 weeks for delivery)
  • View Products
Monday, November 29: 20% off all Gift Sets and Bundles – 1 Day Only!
  • Automatically receive an additional 20% discount on our Gift Sets and Product Bundles
  • Note: Gift Sets are sold as shown and are not gift wrapped.
  • View Gift Sets
Holiday Savings Details:
  • No coupon required. Discounts automatically applied to qualifying orders.
  • Not valid with any other offer or discount.
  • Not valid on previous purchases.
  • Not valid for gift cards.
  • Each offer is good only on the day it is available, from 12:01am – 11:59pm MST
  • These specials are not applicable to wholesale and distributor purchases.

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This week’s Carnival of Homeschooling is Up

Okay, so I clearly have some issues with not posting, but the Carnival of Homeschooling is up at Mrs. Mama Hen. You have got to see her stunning photographs!


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Wordless Wednesday–A B See Photo Meme–C is for Crocus




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Final Fall Craft Project Round-Up

Here are a few final fall and Thanksgiving crafts from around the blogosphere that you can do with your kids this week.image

Ramblings of a Crazy Woman has two adorable craft projects. The first is a turkey feast centerpiece that you can make with your kids.







She also made these super cute turkeys from artificial flowers.


imageMeanwhile, Skip to My Lou has directions to make some uber adorable turkey finger puppets.image


Tatertots and Jell-o made a beautiful Thanksgiving garland, which is a wonderful place for kids to write something they’re thankful for. 



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Happy Thanksgiving!

Poo bear and Piglet Sharing Pie Thanksgiving glittering comment from

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving a few days early. I’m going to sign off for a week to focus on my family. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Amazon’s Holiday Shopping Deals

I am an associate for Amazon, which means that I make a small amount of money when you click on one of their links on my site and purchase an item. I usually just use Amazon as a means to provide a product image and and link to information such as the ISBN. This holiday season, however, they are having some excellent deals that I wanted to post about (I, personally, will do almost anything to avoid the Black Friday crowds).

Black Friday Deals Week is starting tomorrow, Monday, November 22th at Amazon

Special Cyber Monday Deals will occur on November 28th and 29th

And their Top Holiday Deals will run November 30th – December 23rd

Here they have the list of top holiday toys:

Here is the list of best books of 2010:


And don’t forget the ever popular Kindle Wireless Reading Device:






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Weekly Wrap-Up–November 19, 2010

This week was a fairly productive week for Gohan. He completed the following:

  • Outside Classes – Gohan loves all of the outside classes he takes. We are looking into adding another physical education class, as Gohan is very sedentary and prefers video games to participating in any sports or playing outside. Currently he is taking swimming, PE, art, guitar, Hands-On Science, CSI, Musical Theatre, Chess, and Math Lab.
  • Language Arts
    • Literature – Gohan read the latest book in the Diary of the Wimpy Kid series by himself! We’ve been reading the series since the second book came out and he is a die hard fan.
    • A Workbook for Dyslexics focused on doubling f’s, l’s, and s’s. I am beginning to wonder how many people are actually able to remember every phonics rule…
    • Growing with Grammar walked Gohan through writing paragraphs this week and it really seemed to click for him. I wish that the company offered a  full composition curriculum.
    • Vocabulary – Gohan continued working with Red Hot Root Words. This week I felt that the review exercises were not adequately prepared for by the lessons.
    • He continues to use Getty Dubay Italic – and his handwriting improves some every week.
    • Composition – I’m still assembling this curriculum.



  • Math – Gohan continues to work through Singapore 6A – Standards Edition . I continue to be underwhelmed with the curriculum, but fortunately am able to fill the instructional gaps. If I there was another curriculum that better met his needs, I’d use it, but we haven’t found one.
  • Geography – Gohan worked through the first week of North America in The Trail Guide to World Geography.   Once again, I modified the main mapping assignment, so he could use the push pin map.


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Tot Time Weekly Wrap-Up–November 19, 2010

Fieldtrip – We had several appointments this week, so though we made it to the park a couple of times, we didn’t go on any actual field trips. The weather is getting such that, field trips are going to be mostly limited to indoors for a few months anyway.

The mountains got their first major snow dusting!

Practical Life – Dora continues to love practical life skills. Today, I had to go to Oreck and she spent the entire time sweeping up their floor. When we had to leave, she was very distressed that some of their sample piles of debris had not been swept up yet. She wouldn’t leave until the salesperson assured her that he would sweep it up as soon as we left. Of course, Oreck is the one place that actually wants the messes left on the floor so that they can give customers demos. So I apologized to them for her cleaning up all of their messes. Smile
SensorialDora really played with the sensory tub a lot this week. She also enjoyed the cranberry play dough and button turkey beanbag that we made.
Math – We played around with making patterns with some Thanksgiving-themed stampers. She didn’t want to do them, but was completely entranced by the concept and insisted that I continue making the patterns for quite some time. I stuck to various AB patterns (using only two stamps, not three or four).
Language – The two Thanksgiving-themed books that Dora enjoyed:


She really enjoyed One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims, because of the musical aspect. I enjoyed the fact that it taught some history. Still, she made me read it so many times that I am glad that it is due back at the library.

Culture – I’m sure you’ve figured out that our theme was Thanksgiving this week. In addition to the above mentioned activities, Dora also enjoyed playing with this cute Thanksgiving playset.


Cooking – We tried to make these turkey shaped Rice Krispie treats, but Dora refused to touch them long enough for me to cute out a hand shape. I did make the bars with Cocoa Krispies instead, in an effort to make them more turkey-colored. We enjoyed eating the bars anyway.
Crafts – It seems like all we did this week, was crafty-type projects. The final Thanksgiving-themed project that we did for the week was to make a felt turkey using the template from Nap Time Crafts. I used a plain piece of pine board that I had and staple-gunned green felt to it to make the actual board. Though I had a lot of fun making the set, Dora was not so enthused about playing with it. Still, I’m going to save it for next year. I’m also going to use the board for future felt sets.
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Cranberry Play Dough Recipe


This week, Dora and I made play dough. I got the idea from Counting Coconuts to have a monthly themed play dough. This month, I was trying to stay away from anything with ginger or cinnamon in it, since we did apple pie play dough in September and pumpkin pie play dough in October. I was having problems coming up with an idea, when my mom suggested cranberry. I was quite surprised, however, that I couldn’t find a single cranberry play dough recipe online. So I modified a basic play dough recipe and was quite happy with the results. The color of the dough turned out a nice light pink and it is free of artificial colors and scents.


  • Bag of cranberries
  • 2 cups of flour
  • 1 cup of salt
  • 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil


  1. Boil cranberries in a pot of water (unfortunately, I did not measure the water before I boiled them, but I think it was about 4 cups of water) until all of the berries have popped open. Pour out 2 cups of the cranberry-water, using a strainer to remove any berries. Allow liquid to cool slightly. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Combine the dry ingredients in a nonstick saucepan. Add the oil and cranberry-water. Stir until smooth. Stirring constantly, cook the mixture over medium heat until it forms a ball (approximately 3 to 4 minutes).
  3. Turn the dough onto a lightly-floured cutting board and let it cool slightly. Knead the dough until it has a smooth texture.

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