Meal Time Inspiration

Yesterday, I posted how I am struggling with meal preparation. Then today, Confessions of a Homeschooler posted her November meal plan. I tell you, she is inspirational! If you are struggling with being organized for meals, I really recommend that you check out her site. She has the whole month planned out and I just noticed that if you click on the meals that are underlined (at least in the .pdf version), it brings you to the recipe online! Is that too cool or what?!?! She uses some once-a-month cooking, which I used to do. It seems like our weekends are too busy for that lately. After thinking about it more, however, I realized that if I cooked more on the weekend, then my weeknights wouldn’t be so busy and I could get more done and have less to do on the weekend – note the cyclical thing that I’ve got going there.
So I may sit down and see if I can’t give this a try. I’d never be able to do things quite like Confessions of a Homeschooler does, just because my kids would never cooperate with having all of their meals planned out ahead of time. They are too used to being able to make what they want for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. If I could just start planning like she does for dinner, I’d be super happy. It would be useful to plan for breakfasts and lunches for days that we aren’t home much though. Having something quick to grab for breakfasts and packed lunches would really help us eat out less.

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Posted by Maureen Sklaroff