Tot Time Weekly Wrap-Up–November 19, 2010

Fieldtrip – We had several appointments this week, so though we made it to the park a couple of times, we didn’t go on any actual field trips. The weather is getting such that, field trips are going to be mostly limited to indoors for a few months anyway.

The mountains got their first major snow dusting!

Practical Life – Dora continues to love practical life skills. Today, I had to go to Oreck and she spent the entire time sweeping up their floor. When we had to leave, she was very distressed that some of their sample piles of debris had not been swept up yet. She wouldn’t leave until the salesperson assured her that he would sweep it up as soon as we left. Of course, Oreck is the one place that actually wants the messes left on the floor so that they can give customers demos. So I apologized to them for her cleaning up all of their messes. Smile
SensorialDora really played with the sensory tub a lot this week. She also enjoyed the cranberry play dough and button turkey beanbag that we made.
Math – We played around with making patterns with some Thanksgiving-themed stampers. She didn’t want to do them, but was completely entranced by the concept and insisted that I continue making the patterns for quite some time. I stuck to various AB patterns (using only two stamps, not three or four).
Language – The two Thanksgiving-themed books that Dora enjoyed:


She really enjoyed One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims, because of the musical aspect. I enjoyed the fact that it taught some history. Still, she made me read it so many times that I am glad that it is due back at the library.

Culture – I’m sure you’ve figured out that our theme was Thanksgiving this week. In addition to the above mentioned activities, Dora also enjoyed playing with this cute Thanksgiving playset.


Cooking – We tried to make these turkey shaped Rice Krispie treats, but Dora refused to touch them long enough for me to cute out a hand shape. I did make the bars with Cocoa Krispies instead, in an effort to make them more turkey-colored. We enjoyed eating the bars anyway.
Crafts – It seems like all we did this week, was crafty-type projects. The final Thanksgiving-themed project that we did for the week was to make a felt turkey using the template from Nap Time Crafts. I used a plain piece of pine board that I had and staple-gunned green felt to it to make the actual board. Though I had a lot of fun making the set, Dora was not so enthused about playing with it. Still, I’m going to save it for next year. I’m also going to use the board for future felt sets.
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