Weekly Wrap-Up November 12, 2010

Gohan recovered from his cold and though my parents were visiting this week, we stayed on task with him. This week he did:

  • Geography – I’m going to talk about this first, because I am really excited about what we did. With all my researching of Montessori methods for Dora, I kept coming across references to push pin maps. I never really found a good example of what one looked like and how they were used, but I used my imagination and came up with something that I felt would allow Gohan to do more map work independently, despite his learning differences. So I modified the mapping assignments for Trail Guide to World Geography, which we are using.
    1. I printed labels for every country in North America on to cardstock. Then I attached the labels to some sewing pins by gluing the two haves of the label together and wrapping it tightly around the pin. Push Pin Map Labels
    2. Then I printed out a copy of a blackline map of North America on to cardstock. I have one from the Trail guide to World Geography curriculum, but good free maps can be found at infoplease, worldatlas, National Geographic’s Xpeditions Atlas (be sure that detail level is basic and country borders are on) and Eduplace. I personally favor infoplease’s map as it doesn’t have a lot of extraneous writing around the map and you need as much space as possible for this activity.
    3. I glued the map onto a piece a foam display board.Push Pin Map
    4. I then covered the mounted map with two coats of Mod Podge (I actually first had to spray it with Preserve It! because our printer’s ink runs when it gets wet.)
    5. Then Gohan labeled all the countries by pushing the pins into the map.
    6. We will also label the capitals, major landmarks, and major sources of water.
    7. I uploaded a copy of the file with all of the labels here.
  • Outside classes – swimming, PE, art, guitar, Hands-On Science, CSI, Musical Theatre, Chess, and Math Lab (all are going great!)
  • Language Arts –
  • Literature – We finally finished  The Graveyard Book! I didn’t love the ending, but overall, I would give the book a B+.

    • A Workbook for Dyslexics has been getting more and more into the nitty gritty of phonics and spelling. He learned more about long vowel sounds and when to double letters when adding “ing” to a word.
    • Growing with Grammar continues to move along smoothly. It is the one aspect of language arts that seems to come relatively easily for Gohan.
    • Vocabulary – We started working in a new book, entitled Red Hot Root Words. I had a teacher who had me study Latin and Greek roots and I have always felt that was one of the most useful things that I learned in school. So I really want Gohan to learn them, but he was adverse to learning Latin, so this was the next best thing. The book is actually for 3rd-5th grade, but with Gohan’s language issues, is perfect for him.
    • Getty Dubay Italic – Gohan continues to do well with this program. We just ignore all of the sidebar notes and he just copies the actual handwriting exercises
    • Composition – We tried  National Novel Writing Month’s Young Writers Program, but it was just too much for Gohan, who really struggles with narrative at any length, without trying to keep track of a full novel. So I am back to the drawing board for that one.
  • Math – Gohan continues to work through Singapore 6A – Standards Edition
  • Science – Gohan has been having so much homework for his science class that he takes at the ALE, I decided that it was just ridiculous to continue doing a separate curriculum at home. So we dropped Awakening Wonder.

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