Weekly Wrap-Up–November 19, 2010

This week was a fairly productive week for Gohan. He completed the following:

  • Outside Classes – Gohan loves all of the outside classes he takes. We are looking into adding another physical education class, as Gohan is very sedentary and prefers video games to participating in any sports or playing outside. Currently he is taking swimming, PE, art, guitar, Hands-On Science, CSI, Musical Theatre, Chess, and Math Lab.
  • Language Arts
    • Literature – Gohan read the latest book in the Diary of the Wimpy Kid series by himself! We’ve been reading the series since the second book came out and he is a die hard fan.
    • A Workbook for Dyslexics focused on doubling f’s, l’s, and s’s. I am beginning to wonder how many people are actually able to remember every phonics rule…
    • Growing with Grammar walked Gohan through writing paragraphs this week and it really seemed to click for him. I wish that the company offered a  full composition curriculum.
    • Vocabulary – Gohan continued working with Red Hot Root Words. This week I felt that the review exercises were not adequately prepared for by the lessons.
    • He continues to use Getty Dubay Italic – and his handwriting improves some every week.
    • Composition – I’m still assembling this curriculum.



  • Math – Gohan continues to work through Singapore 6A – Standards Edition . I continue to be underwhelmed with the curriculum, but fortunately am able to fill the instructional gaps. If I there was another curriculum that better met his needs, I’d use it, but we haven’t found one.
  • Geography – Gohan worked through the first week of North America in The Trail Guide to World Geography.   Once again, I modified the main mapping assignment, so he could use the push pin map.


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