Printables Round-Up: Calendars

To be honest, I already have a calendar, a very big calendar. I record activities for a busy family of seven, all of whom are going in different directions. I color code the entries, each person has a color, so I don’t have to write down “Gohan Circus Arts”, I just write “Circus Arts” in Gohan’s color. I also have a color for family activities, houseguests, and our pets (our pets’ social schedule is fairly tame thankfully, but they do have vet appointments). I also recently settled on writing our weekly menu on the calendar (in pencil so it can be changed, if needed). This has stopped people from asking “What’s for dinner, Mom?” (Okay, fine, it has minimized the number of times people ask me that…. stopped one kid one time from asking me that…. it might get people to stop asking me that some day, in about thirty years.)

I have been seeing a lot of printable calendars in the blogosphere, however, and some of them are so cool that I have been trying to think of a reason to have another calendar. Here are some of the fun calendars that I have seen:

image imageimage imageimageimage




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