South America Pushpin Map Labels


I made another pushpin map for Gohan. These work really well for him as he can focus on geography, free of the stress of having to spell and write the labels himself. If you would like to use these yourself, you need to simply mount an outline map on to foam board or cardboard. I have an outline map from the Trail Guide to World Geography curriculum, but good free maps can be found at infoplease, worldatlas, National Geographic’s Xpeditions Atlas (be sure that detail level is basic and country borders are on) and Eduplace. I use Mod Podge to give a protective coating to the map. Then print out the labels and wrap them around a pin. I glue the two sides of the label together, but you could probably use tape if you wanted.

South America Map Pin Labels-1

You can read my more detailed instructions more making a push pin map in this post.

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Posted by Maureen Sklaroff