Tot Time Weekly Wrap-Up: January 28

Dora was quite sick this week, but that did not mean she laid around or any such thing. What it meant was that we were confined to home for much of the week and I had to keep her occupied, even when she was grouchy from not feeling well. So we worked on colors. She pretty much knows all of her colors, though confuses black and brown. So I wanted to focus more on trying to teach her how to make secondary colors.
Some of the activities that we did to study this concept were:
Pinch and Mix Color Mixing – I actually bought a kit from Steve Spangler Science, but have heard of people doing this with colored Jell-o’s or paint. What you do is fill a Ziploc bag with a bit of yellow, red, and blue of whatever you are using (Jell-o, paint, or the official science kit stuff). Then your child can pinch and push on the bag to mix the colors, creating secondary colors. Even Gohan got into the action with this kit, though he filled bags with just two colors at a time, in an effort to make a pure secondary color.
Colored water mixing – Once again, we used a Steve Spangler product, Color Fizzers True Colors Mixing Tablets (I am not affiliated with Steve Spangler in anyway, just love his products). After creating batches of the three primary colors, I then poured the various colors into glasses and pitchers and Dora mixed the colors to her heart’s content. She really liked this activity and I had to set her up with new colors several times. She spent about 1 hour playing with this, which is forever in Dora time. Once again, Gohan wanted to get in the action also and spent about an hour playing with it also. My only complaint is that the red tints were a bout strong, so mixing one red and one yellow tablet resulted in a very reddish-orange. We found that we had to use about three yellow tablets to each red to make orange and the same with the blues to make purple. I think we must have got a bad batch or something, because we have used these in the past and not had this problem.

Color Paddles – this activity was a bust. It was just advanced for Dora to get the idea of holding two different paddles up to the light and seeing a new color.


Mouse Paint – We hadn’t read this in a while and suddenly, mid-week, Dora pulled it off the shelf and wanted to read multiple times, every single day. I have to think that means that the color mixing activities were sinking in, else why the sudden interest in this particular book?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
I also got out a set of shapes and colors gel gems that I bought from HearthSong. These are a good way review the basic colors and shapes. She really enjoyed playing with these and making various designs. In particular, she was very proud of her “line” of circles.
Finally, we got out her color peg board/stacker just to review colors and to have something for her to do.

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