Weekly Wrap-Up: January 28th

This week was another sick week for us – I got a sinus infection and Dora finally succumbed to this cold that has been going through the household. Fortunately, Gohan was fairly recovered. We have made many changes for him and they all seem to be working well.

The biggest change was that we re-enrolled in the ALE/PPP that he attended for 2nd-5th grades. He was not able to take every class that he wanted, due to it being mid-year,  but he did get to enroll in several classes.  He will be taking Improv, PE, Advanced Animal Science, and Chess Club. He will also still be involved in the YMCA program for homeschoolers that includes PE, Swimming, and Art.
The next big change was that we switched to Math Mammoth for math. When I had last looked into Math Mammoth, it did not go all the way up to sixth grade, or we would have just used it from the very beginning. It is working very well for Gohan. The explanations are clear, the problems clearly tie to the lesson, and there is review every unit. In addition, there are some higher-level thinking problems at the end of many lessons, which Gohan likes.


In Language Arts, I purchased a new program for spelling, but it just arrived this week, so I was not able to implement it yet. We continued working through the Scott Foresman Grammar and Writing Handbook. Gohan continues to work through Getty Dubay Italic Handwriting and his handwriting does seem to be improving. At the very least, he is now writing in cursive (Italic cursive), where before he was only doing print. We are still reading The Mysterious Benedict Society. Though I have purchased the second book in the series, I am still a bit undecided about how I feel about the book. I will need to see how it ends to be able to give any opinion.
In Geography, Gohan is now studying South America, using the Trail Guide to World Geography. I created another pushpin map for him and posted the labels for anyone who would like to create their own push pin map.
In science, Gohan did a lab this week. The lab was entailed testing and classifying rocks according to their properties. He then finished the unit on Minerals in K12’s Earth Science course. Gohan did not do very well on the unit review, but that is because I skipped some of the lessons that covered the same topics he covered in his science class that he was taking this fall. In all honesty, the questions he missed were more about knowing names of certain minerals than understanding the concepts that go into classifying minerals. So we are going to move on to the next unit.

That was our week. What about you? Have you made any curriculum changes mid-year? Have you done any fun labs or projects?

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