February Sensory Tub and a Link Up

I set up a Valentine’s-themed sensory tub for Dora. I decided to use colored pasta for the primary component. I used these directions to dye the pasta. Unfortunately, our sensory tub is so large that I had to dye very large batches of pasta. As such, none of the processes went smoothly. For instance, I ran out of trays to dry the pasta on, so it was bunched up too much to air super well. Then the cats and Dora kept trying to eat it, so I finally tossed it in the sensory tub without letting it dry overnight (it did appear dry though). I don’t know if it is because I rushed the drying process or what, but the pasta reeked of rubbing alcohol to the point that I ended up throwing it away after a couple of days. It just didn’t seem healthy for Dora to be playing with it.


The main reason I wanted to use pasta this month was that I was hoping to encourage Dora to string pasta on pipe cleaners, straws, sticks, and so forth. She does not like to string anything and the pasta proved to be no different. Ironically, Gohan sat down with the tub and immediately started stringing away. Dora was excited when she saw his creations, but she just wanted him to make some for her, not do it herself.


I also purchased several little Valentines trinkets at Target and the local party store. Once again, I was looking for items that had different textures, sights, and sounds. I found some little plastic heart containers that I put little erasers and gems in and Dora really enjoyed opening them and finding the surprises inside. In addition, I found some little Valentine-themed drawstring pouches, which Dora loved filling up with various items. She is absolutely obsessed with filling and carrying bags, baskets, and buckets.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Coincidentally, I knocked over the sensory tub and it cracked. So now I need to buy a new tub, which is actually a blessing in disguise. I have learned over the last couple of months that the one I originally purchased is just too large.

I really enjoy setting up sensory tubs and Dora really enjoys playing with them. Also, my other children will get down and play with Dora when I have a sensory tub out. It seems like every month is a trial and error situation, however, and I was thinking that it would be nice if people had one place to go to learn more about sensory tubs – what works well, what doesn’t. As such, I’ve decided to create a monthly link up for people to share their sensory tubs posts. I will post it on the 5th of every month, which will give people time to set up their tub for the month. I will leave the link up for the month, however, so people can join in it whenever they get a chance.


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