Short Blogging Break

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I haven’t blogged much the last week, because Dora and Gohan have been very sick (Dora’s temp actually has me a bit scared, it’s 104.5 right now – yes, we’re going back to the doctor tomorrow first thing in the morning and yes, I have already been on the phone with Children’s Hospital tonight and actually, young kids with high temps and febrile seizures runs in my family, including me when I was a baby – the doctors at the hospital used to put me in ice baths, which they now know actually can raise a person’s temperature, but doesn’t that just make you feel so sorry for my poor baby self?). I was already planning to take this week off in conjunction with a week off from the Parent Partnership Program’s week off. Now, I just have more of a reason to take some time off, I need to be nursing my little ones (even if one of my “little” ones isn’t so little anymore). So I’ll be back to blogging and blog reading next week. I hope everyone has a nice, healthy week!

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