Tot Time Weekly Wrap-Up: February 11

This post is a couple of days late – I’m behind on things as Dora has been skipping her naps again. Like many people in the blogospehere, Dora and I focused on Valentine’s Day this week.
The activity that Dora really enjoyed the most, was playing with candy hearts, which actually surprised me as she does not have much of a sweet tooth. Firstly, I used a wonderful idea from Counting Coconuts (she actually used erasers, but Dora isn’t really interested much by erasers). I put candy hearts inside each of Dora’s items in her open-close basket. Dora really enjoyed finding the little hearts in each container and spent a lot of time playing with the basket, as a result.
Then I used these candy heart pattern printables from PreKinders. At first, Dora didn’t quite get the whole concept of patterning, but I tried signing the patterns and suddenly it seemed to click with her. The only drawback was that if I then tried speaking the patterns, she still didn’t grasp the concept.
For the most part, I wasn’t impressed with any of the Valentine’s day books that I found for Dora’s age group, but we did enjoy I Spy Little Hearts.


I helped Dora make some Valentine’s Day cards for the family by cutting out construction paper hearts, which she decorated with glitter glue, doily hearts,  paper hearts, colored
We also made a Valentine-themed sensory bucket, which I posted about earlier.
And we cooked the Valentine’s cookies that I posted about.
Finally, I took Dora to the Children’s Museum, where she spent most of the time playing with their water tables. She no longer is my nature/outdoorsy baby and prefers the indoors now (this particular museum has a large roof-top outside play area), partly because she gets cold so easily, even when I bundle her up.
Water Play at Children's Miseum - 9

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