A Twist on Twister–Learning Body Parts


Both Gohan and Dora have been very sick this week – it has been a rough start to 2011 for us. Dora’s energy has hardly abated, however, so I have been working hard to keep her comfortable and occupied. I had originally planned to review body parts with her this week, so we’ve done a little of that. One of the fun ways that I have used to teach my kids body parts is to use a variation on Twister. I spin the spinner, but instead of saying “left or right foot” or “left or right hand” (toddlers don’t know left and right anyway), I call out other body parts. For example, “put your nose on a yellow circle” or “put your toe on a red circle” or “put your belly button on a green circle”. It is one game that all of my kids have enjoyed playing and they learned their body parts very quickly playing it. As they get older, I throw in some more “advanced” body parts such as the wrist, thigh, ribs, etc.

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Posted by Maureen Sklaroff