Wrapping Up Our Week: February 11

I have finally gotten all of Gohan’s curriculum in order. He is not super happy about the amount of work he is doing, but he has a lot of catching up to do because all these years we have spent so much time focusing on his reading, that we have let other areas slide. He is working on the following:

  • Language Arts:
    • Composition and GUM: Gohan continues to work through the Scott Foresman Online Grammar and Writing Handbook without problems.
    • Literature: We are still reading The Mysterious Benedict Society.
    • Reading Comprehension: Gohan started working on a Scholastic workbook, entitled, Main Ideas & Summarizing: 35 Reading Passages for Comprehension. It is a very good program for Gohan, challenging him, without being completely out of his league. Reading Comprehension does not come naturally for Gohan. For instance, after reading a paragraph that discussed the fact that various states, besides Arizona, also had places that were called “Grand Canyons”, the book asked him what the paragraph was about and he said  “The Grand Canyon”. So I created a paragraph that was truly about the Grand Canyon. When I showed him the difference, he still really struggled with coming up with a main idea that was more complex than “The Grand Canyon”and I had to walk him through the process.
    • Spelling: We are trying All About Spelling. I am not sure about this program being a good match for Gohan. Based on the website’s advice, we started with Book 1. Right now, it is super remedial, but I want to make sure he doesn’t miss any of the foundation teaching, so we are plowing ahead. At the same time, Gohan would not have been able to do Book 1 last year, due to his weaknesses with Phonemic Awareness. I am not sure what percentage of dyslexic kids are as weak as he was in that area, but he would not have been able to do the first lessons in this program because the author wants kids to do things such as hear that there are three sounds in the word “cat” (“c”, “a”, “t”) and move a chip for each sound. If Gohan was able to do things like that naturally, he wouldn’t be having the spelling problems that he is having now. Many of the times that he can’t spell a word, it is because he can’t hear the word’s sounds. He attended years of speech therapy in an effort to overcome this, but has only come so far.
    • Vocabulary: Vocabulary Packets: Greek & Latin Roots, which is also from Scholastic. The books in this series are just basic workbooks, but I like that they actually teach the roots. It seems like other Latin and Greek root vocabulary programs want the kids to have  learned the roots elsewhere.
  • Math – Gohan is continuing to work through Math Mammoth. It is going well, but I still will need to figure out something new for next year as Math Mammoth does not go beyond 6th grade. I recently learned that Kinetic Books now has pre-algebra, so it may be that we will use that next year.


  • Geography: This week, we finished up with South America in Trail Guide to World Geography. Gohan did a notebooking page about South American animals and summarized a paragraph so much better than he did with North America. It is always nice to see it pay off when I have focused on a specific skill in our homeschooling.


  • Earth Science: Earth science continues to be a demanding course. K12 courses require a lot. I find myself wishing that we had an actual textbook to refer to when doing lesson or unit assessments, rather than having to flip to different screens or lessons. At the same time, K12 is very thorough and I feel is doing a good job of preparing Gohan for high school level work and future testing that he will have to do. Gohan finished the rock unit in Earth Science and now will be moving on to “The Earth’s Interior”.

What about you? What did you do in your homeschool last week?
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