Tot Time–Getting Wormy

Worms 060I had a really nice plan for Dora for the month of March. Unfortunately, it was messed up by the weather. I had planned to study a different bug each week, by having different live specimens arrive each week. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I received a not informing me that my bugs would not be arriving on time, due to the extremely cold temperatures we had been having (the bugs would die in transport). So this week we had caterpillars and worms arrive the same day. Dora hasn’t been too interested in the caterpillars, but she and Gohan have been fascinated by the worms. We have a Worm Vue Wonders kit for the worms to live in.Right now, we got the worms set up in their house and have fed them. Gohan is taking them out every day and Dora likes to look at them in his hand. She won’t touch them though. We haven’t done any of the experiments yet.
Worms 047
Mostly, we spent every free moment we had this week with my mother-in-law and/or outside since we had some nice weather.

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