Using an iPhone to Help Organize Your Household

I have been coveting iPhones for some time now. I normally am not much into gadgets and toys, but ever since I found out about some of the apps that are available for iPhones, I have really wanted one. Since we are Verizon customers, however, it was not possible to get an iPhone until just recently. I held out, though, and just got one a few weeks ago when they became available. I thought I would mention a few apps that I have really enjoyed. Some apps help me do a better job running the household, others help me stay organized, and others are good for educational purposes, but today I’m just going to discuss the apps that help me with running the house. If you know of any good apps, especially free ones, please e-mail me their names or mention the in the comments.

  • Microsoft OneNote Mobile (Free) – If you use OneNote on your laptop or PC, this is a really nice app to have. It is a little complicated to set up. You first have to set up an Windows Live SkyDrive account (free). Then you upload your current OneNote notebooks to your SkyDrive account, when you sync your iPhone, it syncs with the Sky Drive account. Once you have it all set up, everything syncs easily and automatically. You can create lists and so forth on your iPhone, but it is a bit cumbersome, and I use the program more to just have my lists and notes with me. I use OneNote to organize my homeschool notes for Dora, my recipes, craft ideas, lists of books to read, etc. You can add links, video, photos, screen clippings, audio files, pictures, scanner, printouts, etc. into OneNote pages (on your laptop or PC, all the features aren’t available in the mobile version). Here are some screenshots of the app:

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  • Real Simple To-Do Lists (Free) – This app offers lots of preformatted to-do lists to help keep you organized. You can also design your own lists. List topics range from traveling to entertaining and cleaning. Many of the lists are more like Real Simple article summaries in that they walk you through a task. Here are some screenshots.

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  • Allrecipe’s Dinner Spinner (Free) – I currently have the free version of this software and have been very happy with it. I love! I like having the reviews, which really help me decide if a recipe is going to work for me and my family. I also like the sheer volume of recipes they offer. The Dinner Spinner app is a fun way to pick out a recipe. You enter in what type of dish you want (i.e. breakfast, main dish, appetizer, etc.), then you enter in an ingredient that you wish to use, and what “ready in” time you want (20 min or less, over an hour, slow cooker, etc.) You then “spin” the spinner and get a selection of recipes that meet your criteria. Here’s a screenshot:

allrecipe app 003

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