April Sensory Tub


This month I started off thinking I would use paper Easter grass as a foundation for Dora’s sensory tub. I learned that this was not a good idea! All of the other items in the tub sank to the bottom since the grass was so light. Also, the grass tangled up in everything. So I had to make a last minute improvisation and bought more of the gems, which I was already using and Dora was loving, to use as a foundation. These gems were much more expensive than I would  normally use in such a large quantity, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Things I used in this month’s sensory tub include:

  • Pastel colored gems (from Michael’s)
  • Easter-themed, miniature clothes-pins (from Michael’s)
  • Paper mache Easter eggs (from Michael’s)
  • Yellow and pink chicks of varying sizes (from Michael’s)
  • Multi-colored, rubber, spikey balls (from Target dollar section)
  • Rubber bouncy Easter eggs (from Target dollar section)

Dora really liked the gems and immediately began spooning them, much to my surprise, as she had never expressed an interest in spooning before. She also spent a lot of time clipping the clothes pins on herself and others, which was another first. I guess she must have entered some sort of new developmental stage in regards to her fine motor skills…

She had begged for the chicks when I was originally buying the materials for this tub, but then has not done anything with them since I set them out. Go figure!

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Posted by Maureen Sklaroff