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This week, we finished up with our spring/Easter theme. I’d like to say we were done with our insect theme, but our lady bugs still have yet to arrive. We went to a place called Tulip Town this week. I’m not sure exactly why, but the Skagit Valley is sort of an agricultural epicenter for bulb plants. In the 16 years that we have lived in the Seattle area, we have never once made it up see the Tulip Festival that the Skagit Valley hosts annually. So I took it upon myself to bring Dora by myself, which really wasn’t one of my brightest ideas. Dora just wanted to stay home and sleep late, but we were supposed to be meeting some people from an attachment parenting group that we belong to. Unfortunately, by the time I herded Dora out the door, we were already late. Then she just couldn’t handle driving for 90 minutes with no one else in the car to distract her. So I had to stop at a rest stop for a while and we totally missed our group.


Upon arrival, we were greeted by this windmill, which was blaring really cheesy music (Dutch music I am guessing). Next to the windmill, stood….


…the Statue of Liberty! Don’t ask me why the Statue of Liberty is at Tulip Town next to a windmill. Really, the whole thing was very surreal. It was like a bad stereotypical theme park portrayal in a bad TV show. Thankfully, once we got past the entrance, the tulip fields were blessedly calm and definitely breathtaking.




Of course, this week’s craft project, was dying Easter eggs. I used this recipe for vibrant Easter egg dyes. I had planned to try some other methods of coloring eggs with Gohan, but by the time we blew 16 eggs, mixed these dyes, and dyed two eggs with Dora, I was at my wits end. After having five children, I’ve concluded that dying Easter eggs with young children is one of the most stressful parenting tasks there is (up there with teaching kids to drive is). I noticed that a lot of bloggers dyed their eggs outside and I’m wondering if that is the secret to making the whole experience pleasant for everyone involved.

One thing I learned this year is that it is much easier to blow eggs with a syringe than your mouth. I haven’t tried blowing eggs in many years as I used to get so lightheaded doing it. Next year I may look into getting a Dremel tool, which several people online recommended using to make the holes in the eggs.

Though we did a lot of reading this week, we didn’t read any themed books or even any new books. Dora really wanted to read some of her old favorites. Her new thing is that she likes to “read” to me, which of course, works better when she knows the story.

What about you? Did you dye Easter eggs? If so, what method did you use? Was it stressful or do you have some secret for managing a toddler during this messy endeavor?

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