Tot Time at the Funny Farm

This week Dora was sick, so we stayed home most of the week. She was not so sick that she didn’t have a lot of energy, so we did a LOT of reading, playing pretend, and gluing (yes, she is currently obsessed with gluing).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         We are still “studying” farms. Since she is so interested gluing right now, I had her work on this adorable Farm Fun Pack from Musings of Me. Dora is on the young side for some of the activities, but she really liked completing the patterns.
She also liked gluing the right number of ducks (or are they chicks?) to the coop.
I modified the roll a farm scene and just had her glue the pieces on a background that I made. I didn’t quite understand her explanation as to why the pig was in the cloud….

A book that we read this week and was new to me was Barnyard Banter (affiliate link). I thought I had read it before and didn’t like it, but if I had read it before, I missed the whole “find the goose” element. Dora really enjoyed going back and looking for the goose on each page.

Moo Baa La La La 1
I also was looking for some new apps for Dora and thought I’d try some farm-themed ones. Her favorite farm-themed app has been Moo, Baa, La, La, La! which is an animated version of the book by Sandra Boynton. The thing I like about this app is that each page has a lot to do on it. Some even have things that you miss the first time around. For instance, on one of the pages, you can “shoot” the dogs off the page and the dogs’ collars will fall down. If you turn the page and come back, you can shoot the dogs more than once. Eventually, you will have several collars on the ground. Well, if your child then turns your iPhone to the side or upside down, the collars will bounce around or slowly float to the bottom of the screen. They don’t just flip with the scenery, but act more like the snowflakes in a snow globe.
Moo Baa La La La 3
That’s our week in a nutshell. What about you? Did you do anything exciting? Have you had any of these nasty spring colds that have been going around? I guess we’ve been lucky that this cold has been so mild, compared to what other people have been going through.
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