June Sensory Tub–Beach Play Place


I apologize for being AWOL this last week. Dora’s sleep schedule has been wacky again and I have been dealing with some health problems, which while not life threatening, are certainly energy draining. Between the two, I have been falling asleep at night as soon as I get Dora to sleep.

This week, we started our June theme, which is summer. I set up a sensory tub/miniature play place for Dora that was beach-themed. I used Moon Sand for the sand and blue, white, and clear gems for the water. I then added miniature plastic cups, a plastic rake and shovel, beach/ocean animals, shells, and some other little beach-themed accessories.

At first Dora wouldn’t have anything to do with the Moon Sand, due to her not liking the feel of it. After a while, however, it grew on her and she began to play with it a lot. At that point, she started mixing all of the gems and animals into the sand, such that the sand wouldn’t hold its shape anymore.


So I finally, took all of the gems and animals out of the sand (which took a really long time, let me tell you). This made it much easier to play with and shape the sand. The other interesting thing that happened then, was Dora then started using the gems as a completely separate play item. She mostly  used them to make “soup” in bowls and play pots, using spoons and tongs to transfer them. She also, however, has spent time sorting them in our sorting tray.


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