Mom, the Nurse


Gohan recently informed me that he believes that all kids prefer to have their moms around when they are sick. While, I won’t say ALL kids feel this way, it does seem like many kids feel this way. I was kind of thinking about it and wondering what exactly is it that dads don’t do that make moms the nurse of choice for most kids. Then last night, Mr. Mo showed me exactly what it is that dads are missing.

Last night, Dora was coming down with a nasty virus that the pediatrician says is going around. It involves feeling generally icky and running a very high fever. I needed to shower, but Dora was clinging to me to the point where I couldn’t even brush my teeth. I tried suggesting several things that she could do with Daddy while I showered, but she was having none of it, going so far as to scream, “I don’t like Daddy!” This is totally not true, she loves her Daddy, who is way more fun than I am.

Finally, I asked Mr. Mo to try to come up with something fun to do with Dora to distract her so that I could shower. So he feebly turned on the TV in the other room. Then, when that didn’t work, he came in and asked her if she wanted to take a bath!

To fully appreciate the utter lameness of this request, one needs to understand that Dora despises baths. Almost every bath ends with her screaming bloody murder. Just recently, she has seemed to be coming to terms with baths and maybe sort of like them, but I still only bathe her once every five days or when the stink fumes coming off her become visible, whichever comes first (don’t judge me, all of my other kids got daily baths, but Dora’s dramatics in regards to every single aspect of personal hygiene have finally worn down this mom).

When this amazing suggestion of Mr. Mo’s did not work, he shrugged and started brushing his teeth! Once I recovered from the shock and was able to adequately suppress my homicidal urges, I was able to convince Dora to let me shower, but at that moment, everything became clear. Men just don’t possess that nurturing trait that is required to make a good nurse. I’m sorry to sound sexist, obviously this is a stereotype and may have more to do with upbringing than nature. I am sure that there are many men who are wonderful nurses, but it does seem like moms are the ones who tend to take care of the nursing, especially when kids are young.

How about in your house? Do your kids prefer to have Mom or Day around when they are sick?

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Posted by Maureen Sklaroff