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In my life this week… We are just wrapping up the school year and trying to enjoy the sun when it is around. Secunda and I have made plans to exercise together this summer. I already bike a lot, but it is hard to arrange babysitting for Dora in order to bike. So I had already decided to cut down to biking twice a week and start jogging twice a week. I can take Dora in our jogging stroller for jogging, so do not need to make babysitting arrangements. Secunda is going to join me on those days and we will also lift weights as Secunda wants to join her college’s crew team in September. We will also take yoga twice a week, so I will be exercising six times per week, which was typical for me in my pre-babies years (20 years ago). I do like variety and as I am getting older, need to focus more on building muscle, increasing flexibility, and maintaining balance – I tend to focus on and enjoy high cardiovascular workouts.

In our homeschool this week… I have been really bad about writing about what Gohan has been doing. Four weeks ago, he was testing and we went to Great Wolf in between his testing days. Then we have just been busy wrapping up everything and deciding what we have to work on over the summer. Due to us taking many breaks during the school year, we have some catching up to do. As usual, we will  continue to read fun literature out loud (I have to read to him or else he would not be able to enjoy age-appropriate books).  I also want him to work on math over the summer, mostly reviewing skills, so he doesn’t forget them (i.e. long division, working with decimals, etc.).

We did not finish science, so once a week, we will do a lesson from the weather unit that I posted (or the space unit that I am still putting together). 

We also did not quite finish up geography, for which, I have decided to use board games for the summer. We played 10 Days in Asia Game (affiliate link) and really enjoyed it. We both learned a lot about the countries of Asia, but it also was a fun strategy game for both of us (I suspect that Secunda and Tertia will join us next time).

Finally, we came no where near finishing the Meet the the Masters curriculum and will do one unit a week for most of the summer. This last week, we studied Mondrian and I did not have Gohan do the final project, because 1) it did not really seem to represent Mondrian’s art very well, and 2) I didn’t quite understand what to do, their directions are not always as clear as I would like, which is compounded by the fact that they do not include photos.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… Gohan is finishing up his classes this week. He will still go to Yug-Gi-Oh League every week over the summer and has a party to attend tonight (he will be gone from 12 –10 PM – and people worry about homeschoolers socializing enough!!?!?!). The ALE/PPP that he belongs to will also have a Talent Show/Field Day/Party this week. He will have one week off, then will be starting a homeschool PE class twice a week for the summer.

I’m reading… The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference (affiliate link). While not as good as Blink, it is still quite interesting. I had a very strange experience with this book. One day, I got a 2nd flat on my bike and only had one spare tube, so I was walking to meet my friend, who had gone back for the car. I was getting really tired of telling so many bikers that I did not need help, thank you, though greatly appreciating knowing that help would have been there if I did need it. I couldn’t help but notice, however, that whenever a large group of bikers went by, they rarely offered to help. It was usually only the singletons and pairs that offered help. That night, I was reading The Tipping Point and he discussed this very phenomena! It is referred to as “The Bystander Problem” and essentially comes down to the fact that the more people who witness a problem, the less likely they are to help. He refers to the case where 38 people watched a woman be assaulted and eventually murdered with none of theme even picking up the phone to call police. Had it been just one of those witnesses, in an  alley or something, the odds are much greater that the one witness would have helped, than when the one was one of 38.imageI’m cooking… I’m currently trying to find a really good teriyaki sauce recipe. This recipe is the closest to what we want, so far, but I still need to tweak it some,

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