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I haven’t blogged much about what I have been doing with Dora the last couple of weeks, partly because the weather has ruined several of our plans and partly because Dora has been so sick. Whatever she had is really going around, the pediatrician’s office was completely overwhelmed with the number of kids who came in with majorly high fevers. Dora, who normally only sleeps 10 hours a day, slept about 22 hours a day while she had this thing. It was quite scary really, but then her fever broke and she was fine.

So this week, we got back on track and explored strawberries.

Literature – We read Jamberry and The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear (affiliate links), both of which are old favorites.


Art – We made a strawberry patch using gems for the berries and tissue paper for the leaves. Dora was completely fascinated with crumpling the tissue paper, so her strawberry patch had a lot more leaves than berries. I guess I need to do more tissue paper art projects with her.


Board Games – We played this fun strawberry game from Lakeshore Learning. Dora already knows how to count to 20, but she doesn’t know the numeric symbols. After playing this game this week, she now knows 1-3.


Fieldtrips – We also went to a strawberry patch, despite the rain. We picked a total of 12 pounds of strawberries (Secunda and Tertia also helped). Dora probably ate three pounds of strawberries by herself! We then tried making strawberry jam. I have never made jelly before, in fact I have never done any canning. So far, the jam we made is too runny. After reading lots of the comments, it sounds like I didn’t let it boil long enough or hard enough. I’m going to try it to see if it tastes okay. If it does, we’ll pick some more berries and try making it again, but less runny. Dora absolutely LOVED picking berries.


In the Kitchen – We also made some pickles, using that was posted on the Homeschool Village. I’ll have to get back to you to let you know how they turn out, taste-wise. They look good so far…


Apps – I do not know of any good strawberry-themed apps, but Dora has really been enjoying playing Go Fun, which is a free puzzle app that uses a Montessori approach (unfortunately, it does have ads and it does not appear that you can by a full version to remove the adds). The puzzles are quite varied, there is a clock, dinosaurs, a plant life cycle, space, animals, etc. Some of the puzzles say the letter or object’s name once the child places the pieces. In particular, Dora has been very obsessed with this fruit and vegie puzzle, which actually does have one strawberry in it.

Go Fun 020

Fine Motor – I got this fun idea from 1+1+1=1. You just give your child swizzle sticks and an empty parmesan cheese container. Your child will probably just take it from there, but the idea is to work on fine motor skills by having your child stick the swizzle sticks in the small holes. As an FYI, I found swizzle sticks with the plastic cutlery and straws in our local Target. Dora also likes sorting the sticks by color and playing various other games with them.


Gross Motor – Dora took a while to recover her energy from being sick. So, we have not been going to gym class. We’ve also not played at the park much due to her being sick and the weather. She has started using her stilts a lot and is able to walk with them by herself now.

What about you? What have you been up to with your little one lately? I hope everyone else is having better weather than we have been, though I must confess that today was gorgeous and they are saying that we’re going to have a lovely 4th of July, which is pretty rare around here.

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