Tot Time–Transportation Unit

This month, we are focusing on transportation. I’ve been amazed by how many preschool resources there are for transportation!

Literature: There are tons of books about transportation, but this week’s top pick has been a favorite of Dora’s for some time. Freight Train (affiliate link), by Donald Crews is so enticing with it’s rainbow of colors and simple story line. We also read and greatly enjoyed several of his other books about transportation.

In addition, we had fun reading Philomen Sturges’ “I Love ________” books about transportation.


Art: I really wanted to capture the rainbow of colors from Freight Train in a craft project. Then I saw this cool color wheel gecko craft from That Artist Woman. So I decided to incorporate it into our craft this week. Dora isn’t old enough to understand the color wheel, so she just painted the paper plate a variety of colors. We haven’t attached the plate yet, since I didn’t have any brads on hand, but once we do, Dora will be able to turn the plate such that the middle box car changes colors.


Fieldtrip: We focused more on trains this week because we had tickets for a very special field trip, Day Out With Thomas! Dora really liked riding the train, but didn’t care for any of the other things at the event, which was fine by me, as everything was horribly overpriced.

Gross Motor: Dora finally was well enough to attend her gym class again. Unfortunately, she was super tired because I switched her class time to a noon class, because she had been sleeping very late the last few months, but of course, on gym day, she woke up very early. She started getting a bit wild and running around without looking where she was going and all of sudden, whamo!. She ran into another little girl, which left them both in tears. She was so distraught that I had to take her home.


Sensory Play: I set up a transportation-themed sensory tub. I used black beans for the base and added traffic cone candles, various vehicles, and miniature traffic signs that we had on hand. Dora did a lot of pouring and dumping with the beans. She also took all of the signs and vehicles out of the tub and played with them on our Thomas floor mat.

Pretend Play: In addition to playing with the vehicles on the floor mat, Dora also played with some Playmobil 1-2-3 vehicles. For her, these are the best vehicles because she likes to have people in addition to the vehicles. In fact, if Dora plays with vehicles without people, she has the vehicles “talk” to and play with each other.

How about you? Do you know of any fun transportation-themed activities? I’m linking this post to:
  Tot School play academy
We Play 

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