Astronomy-themed Sensory Tub


This month, we are finishing up Gohan’s year of earth science with an astronomy unit. I thought it would be fun to tie in some of Dora’s work with his studies, so they’d both be “studying” astronomy at the same time.

I started with our August sensory tub, which I made space-themed. For the filler/base I used blue Bubber, which is made by the same company that makes Moon Sand. It is expensive, but after having an opportunity to play with it last fall, I have been eagerly waiting for an opportunity to use it. It is very light and airy, like Model Magic. If you squish it, it just kind “melts’, but at the same time it can be molded like play dough.

I also added some miniature planets, astronauts, and rockets that we had around the house. I had found a set of glow in the dark-stars at the consignment store that I also added. I purchased some glow-in-dark bouncy balls that I thought looked like stars. Finally, I added some colored finger-flashlight.

It was a great hit with Dora, she spent about two hours playing with the tub today!

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Posted by Maureen Sklaroff