Build-A-Sign Review–AKA Not Allowing Salespeople to Interfere with Your Homeschooling


After my Easy Canvas Print review, the company offered me a chance to also review a free product from their sister company, Build-A-Sign. I was ecstatic, because there was a custom sign that I have been wanting to have made for some time. You see, we have a problem with an excessive number of door-to-door salespeople, religious missionaries, politicians, etc.

As homeschoolers, phone calls, door-to-door salespeople, and other day-to-day interruptions can make our jobs difficult, at best. I long ago learned to minimize interruptions by letting phone calls go directly to voice mail, not checking e-mail during the day, scheduling appointments for either before or after our “school day”, etc., but the distractions coming to our door were not only wreaking havoc on our day, but also presenting a safety concern.


You see, our front doors came with decorative windows, which while lovely to look at, were providing an opportunity for certain door-to-door sales people to peer in our house. These salespeople were the ones that use high pressure, sometimes outright scary, tactics to attempt to persuade people to buy magazine subscriptions. If you have never had one of these salespeople come to your door, consider yourself lucky. We were having them come every week! Not only does the BBB give these companies F’s for their questionable business tactics, some of the salespeople are convicted felons. There have been cases were a salesperson subsequently went on to rob and/or assault a homeowner.

Needless to say, I was not only uncomfortable with having to fight the high pressure sales tactics on weekly basis, I started getting a bit freaked out by the fact that some of the salespeople were peering into our house. I tried putting up a “ No Soliciting” sign, but the salespeople were not even remotely deterred , because they “weren’t soliciting, they were raising money for charity” or some other such nonsense. After consulting with friends, I finally came up with a sign that said:

No Soliciting

We do not buy, sell, donate, discuss religion or politics, etc. through the door.

Thank you for respecting our privacy.

I have not had one magazine salesperson knock on my door in the two years since I posted this sign. In fact, the only people who have continued to disturb our peace have been Comcast salespeople who claim to be knocking to “let us know that they will be coming out next week to do work on our street and they didn’t want us to be worried, but while they have my attention…” Grrrrr!


Anyway, the problem with my printed sign, was that it looked tacky. So I gladly ordered an aluminum sign from Build-A-Sign. The design process was fairly straight forward. I chose an aluminum “street sign” as I wanted something that would fit on my door and be weather resistant. The sign arrived quickly and was impeccably packed. I drilled two holes into the sign, threaded a ribbon through the holes, hung the sign from a hook, and voila! It looks so much better than  my tacky printed sign!

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