It’s Perseid Meteor Shower Time

Perseid Meteor Shower – credit Jimmy Westlake/NASA

The Perseid meteor shower is one of the best shows for viewing meteors. Unfortunately, this year, the peak of the Perseid happens to fall on the same night as the full moon. This will make it very difficult to see many meteors. So EarthSky recommends:

….watching before dawn until the morning of August 10 to have moonless skies. Before dawn is the best time of night for watching meteors, anyway, since that is when the radiant point for the Perseids is highest in the sky.

Of course, unless you are serious morning people, that is a bit difficult with young children. We tried to look for some meteors tonight, but have the added complication of having such long days here in the Pacific Northwest. We will probably wait until Tuesday and stay up a bit late to see if we can see any. Dora has never seen a “shooting star”, but is so very entranced with the moon, I think she will really enjoy seeing them.

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Posted by Maureen Sklaroff