Tot Time: A Week of Montessori and Good Potty Reading

Bellingham Bay 3The big event of our week was that we went to Secunda’s freshman orientation for college in Bellingham, WA! We spent two days there and Dora hated sleeping in a hotel. We all came back completely exhausted! Above is Dora on the boardwalk, below is a view of the bay. I forgot to bring my good camera, so these was taken with my phone.

Bellingham Bay 2

I had a package arrive from Montessori Services and Dora was there when I opened it, so we spent the week focusing on those materials.


I ordered a sorting tray and some wooden buttons. I’ve tried to get by with cheap sorting trays, but this one works so much better. It has the main holder with three small holders for sorting. The wooden buttons are very nice and we sorted them by size. This task challenged Dora some, but once I helped her get going, she was able to finish it on her own with just a little prompting.


I also set up a pouring/water play area for her. Most of the glasses and pouring containers, we already owned, but the larger white 8 oz. porcelain pitcher was new. She pours water back and forth from containers and glasses. I have introduced a funnel and turkey baster, but those don’t really interest her. Sometimes I color the water with these fizzy color tablets from Steve Spangler, but she is really quite happy pouring just plain water. I have her keep everything in this dishwashing tub so that we don’t have a total mess.


She spent hours playing with this tiny music box and knew what the song was right away (Twinkle Little Star). She occasionally has to be reminded which direction to turn the handle to get the box to play. It is such good fine motor work!


Finally, I brought out her open-close basket again, and added a few new containers. I put finger flashlights in the containers to encourage her to open them. She enjoyed it a couple of times, but I really need to find some more advanced containers.

Oddly, Dora has developed a fear of dolphins! Nothing anyone says will convince her that she has nothing to fear from dolphins, especially while on dry land. She will suddenly run up to me and cling to my leg, because “dolphins are chasing her”. When you have five children, sometimes you start to think you’ve seen it all. Then your toddler becomes terrified of imaginary dolphins and you realize you will never see it all. Smile

I think Dora may be gearing up to potty train! She has been having us read all of our potty books over and over. The ones she has enjoyed the most are (all of these are affiliate links):

Do you know of any other good potty training books for girls?

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