Apple Art for the Week

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         As I mentioned in my previous post, Dora has pretty well established who is in charge around here in regards to her homeschooling preschool, and it isn’t me. I had thought it would be cute to make some prints using apples. She really likes painting with a variety of brushes, texturizers, and materials, so I assumed apples would be a great addition. Well, here is her print and as you may or may not be able to tell, it went like this.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Me: “See you dip that apple in the paint and stamp it on the paper”.

Dora: Takes apple, dips it in paint, makes one print and then proceeds to smear the paint everywhere, which still would have been fine had she not then thrown the apple across the table and said, “I don’t like this!”

Sigh… later in the week, we reached a point where I was desperate to find something to keep her entertained for a while, so I got out the Stockmar Modeling Beeswax. Honestly, I have never had much luck with modeling beeswax, but Dora was completely enthralled with the stuff. Once we soaked it in hot water for a while, it really did become quite malleable. Ironically, a couple of my older kids came in, asked what we were doing, and sat for a while to work with the wax. More ironically, Dora wanted to make wax apples!

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