Aquarium Gravel and Sensory Tubs

MP900321132[1]I recently posted that I used red aquarium gravel in our September sensory tub. I had read about many other bloggers using colored gravel for sensory tubs and didn’t think twice about it. Unfortunately, I should have thought twice about it and I wanted to post a follow up with the scary story that resulted from this lack of thinking on my part, so that other people might avoid what happened to us.

As I mentioned previously, Dora often spills sensory tub items on the ground. Well, today she was playing with Gohan, and for some reason she lay her face down on the ground where the aquarium gravel was. A few minutes later she came upstairs and one side of her face was completely red and puffy, with weird red lines crisscrossing her skin, and her eye was swollen halfway shut.

I immediately recognized this as an allergic reaction and after talking to Gohan, decided that it had to have been from laying on the gravel. I washed her face, which helped bring down the swelling a lot, but I still had to give her some children’s Benadryl to clear up the rest of the swelling. Afterwards, I called our doctor’s office just to double check whether or not I should do anything more.

The nurse pointed out to me, that we really had no way of knowing what had caused the reaction as that type of gravel has so many things in it. This got me to thinking and I realized that it was kind of crazy of me to not think about this being a potential problem. Several people in our family already have sensitivities to red dyes, but even without that, I try to be so careful about what chemicals I expose Dora to and yet I never thought twice about letting her play with this aquarium gravel. Who knows what sort of quality control and chemical laws they have for aquarium gravel!?!?!?

Anyway, I am not trying to criticize anyone else that uses colored aquarium gravel in their sensory tubs. I merely felt obligated to post about this story so that anyone who read my previous post and thought it was a good idea, would be making an informed decision.

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