“B” and Beach Animal Studies

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         This week, Dora focused on the letter “B”. She seemed to have a better comprehension of the “buh” sound than she had with the “A” sounds.

I have encountered a bit of a quandary. I just learned that in Montessori schools, they teach lowercase letters first since the majority of letters in books are lowercase, which makes perfect sense. In addition, Explode the Code, the phonics program I intend to be Dora’s main program, also emphasizes lowercase letters first. Yet, Bob’s Books, which I also plan to use, emphasizes upper and lower case letters equally. At the same time, I am a big fan of the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, which starts by teaching uppercase letters first, as they are the easiest to form and letter reversals are less likely to occur. In the end, I decided to teach both upper and lower case letters when we are working on pre-reading skills and upper case only when we are working on pre-writing skills. Hopefully this will not leave her too confused!

In regards to Gohan’s Language Arts, I have encountered many quandaries, but I will post about them next week, when I hope to have them resolved.

For literature this week, I read Good Night, Little Sea Otter (as an FYI, I read many books to her every week, we just have one book that we emphasize each week). Good Night, Little Sea Otter is a very sweet and tender book about a sea otter who seems to be trying to put off his bedtime by saying good night to everybody and everything. This was a bit of an ironic book for us, as we are currently having a terrible time with Dora pulling all sorts of tricks to delay her bedtime. The pictures in Good Night, Little Sea Otter seemed, at first, to be almost too sweet and cute. Later in the week, however we went to the Seattle Aquarium and spent a long time watching the sea otters swim and play. And lo and behold,  they  really are as cute as Little Sea Otter is.Aquarium 9

Aquarium 8Aquarium 6

Dora was utterly fascinated with the Seattle Aquarium this time (sorry for blurry photos, I had to use my iPhone for these photos – long story). A few of the fish scared her, but for the most part, she loved it. We stayed there until she became loopy with fatigue. The Seattle Waterfront continues to get nicer and nicer every time I visit, though I do wish they could do something about the many homeless people. I feel incredibly sorry that the people are homeless, but some of them are just downright scary.


For an art project this week, we made a collage of Little Sea Otter sleeping in a kelp bed (I had no idea that otters anchored themselves in kelp so that they didn’t float away while they were asleep). We used sand paper to represent the beach and shiny origami paper to represent the water. We used green tissue paper to make kelp and glued shells to the “sandy beach”. Dora insisted on some piles of sea weed on the sand, as it does wash ashore (which she is correct about). We made Little Sea Otter and his mama out of pompoms and googly eyes. Dora insisted on mounting all of this on orange construction paper, which made the scene a bit less beach-like, but over all we were both very happy with the project.

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