Montessori Monday–Making Apple Muffins and Playing with Piggy Banks

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Last week, a lot of people asked if we tried to do any cooking with apples last. We did, I just failed to mention it. We made these apple muffins. It was a new recipe for us and I followed the advice of some of the commenters and doubled the amount of cinnamon and apples. Well, that was just too many apples for my taste. What muffin there was, however, was delicious! I’m going to make them again with double the cinnamon and the regular amount of apples.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Dora is a big apple eater. She has recently decided that she doesn’t like the peel, though. So we use a apple peeler, which I have removed the slicing blade from (we don’t like skinny slices of apples anyway). I mount an apple on the peeler and she turns it, removing the peel. I then use a knife to trim off any excess peel, because if there is even the tiniest bit of peel on one of her slices, she will have a big ‘ol hissyfit. Then I help her line up an apple corer and she cores and divides the apple. Even though I sometimes feel like a madwoman for allowing her to use such sharp kitchen tools, I think part of why she eats so many apples is that she really enjoys being in charge of preparing her own food as much as possible.


This week’s practical life activity is putting pennies in this bank that I purchased from Montessori Services. I already had one large piggy bank and she loved putting pennies in it, but I purchased this one, because in addition to the challenge of putting pennies in it, the front is a snap opening. She has been having trouble with snaps, so I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to practice. She loves to fill the bank, open the snap, dump the pennies, close the snap, and start all over. Plus, it is just the right size for her to carry around with her. She really loves it!


How about you? Did you do any great apple or practical life activities? If so, please mention them in the comments, I’m always looking for new ideas. I’m linking this post to:


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