Montessori Monday–Polishing Pennies

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Continuing our use of the piggy bank that I blogged about last week, we polished all of Dora’s pennies this week. I had read about this activity numerous times and thought that Dora would really enjoy getting her pennies all bright an shiny. I was correct about that aspect. What did not go so well, was the actual practical skills application, the activity became more of a science experiment.

From other people’s directions, I set Dora up with the pennies, lemon juice, some salt, and a toothbrush. I then showed her how to dip the toothbrush in the lemon juice, then the salt, then scrub the pennies. She thought this was lots of fun, but after about two pennies, she accidentally skipped the salt, and couldn’t help but notice how the penny miraculously got shiny with a drop of lemon juice. Needless to say, this observation resulted in her dripping lemon juice on more pennies and then finally, just dumping pennies by the handful into the lemon juice.

The pennies came out super shiny, it was amazing! I then rinsed the pennies and set them on a towel to dry. We were both amazed to see the next day that pennies looked dirty again! Plus they now how whitish splotches on them. After Googling this activity, I am wondering if I should not have rinsed the pennies and if we should have dried off the pennies with a towel. Well, we can try this again. We tried it the next day with just vinegar and once again they came out super shiny, but were grimy and splotchy looking the next day.

Anybody else have any ideas about what we’re doing wrong or why this is happening. I’m linking this post to:

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