The Homeschool Mother’s Journal–October 14

In my life this week… I haven’t blogged any sort of weekly wrap-up or homeschool mother’s journal in several weeks, partly because we’ve been so busy. A big event in our life was that Secunda decided to drop out of college two weeks ago. She found that she missed the family too much (particularly Dora), hated dorm life, her major wasn’t working out the way that she had hoped, etc. So now she is home and attending a local college. She will get a second AA in early childhood education, which is what she wants to work in. Amazingly, she was able to get a good job working at a daycare within three days of coming home. Not so amazingly, she came down with a horrible cold by the third day of work.
Additionally, my bike was recalled and was in the shop for several weeks. In some ways, this was a blessing in disguise as it allowed me to really focus on running. I am now up to running 3.5 miles 3x/week (plus .5 mile walking warm up/cool down), which is the farthest that I have been able to run regularly in over 20 years (more on that in another post). So I am VERY happy with the progress that I am making that way, despite the fact that when I mad the mistake of running at the same time as the local high school cross country team, they all came up from behind, passed me, and left me biting their dust. I wanted to scream, “Yeah, well enjoy your youth while you can you young whipper snappers! I used to be that fast too, you know!” Given, however, that they had all been so annoyingly friendly and cheerful, I had to resort to gritting my teeth and smiling a “hello” instead.  Levi Working on Glider 3
In our homeschool this week… Gohan and I are finally getting into a groove. He really threw me, in a good way, by being able to read completely independently this year. He is still about three grades below “grade level” in many aspects of language arts, but he is slowly, but surely, closing the gap. This resulted in several major curriculum changes as he was getting frustrated by having to wait for me to complete any subject. The only help he has needed is some help on the science labs. Our current curriculum choices are:

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… I’m not sure if I mentioned this previously, but due to changes in our state’s regulations, we dropped out of the ALE that Gohan was in. This meant major changes in our schedule and Gohan’s social life. Gohan is now taking drama once a week, martial arts 3x/week, and participating in a gaming clubs 2x/week. In addition, he stays in touch with his old friends online and via monthly game nights. Unfortunately, he has no interest in participating in our local homeschool group’s teen events. 


What’s working/not working for us… The one curriculum choice that I can say has been a 100% success this year has been The Cartoon History of the Universe 1 Vol. 1-7 . Not only is it presented in a format that appeals to Gohan, but he is more motivated to learn history this year, because he has been getting teased about his lack of knowledge about history. I do need to mention that this book was written for adults and if you are interested in using it, you should peruse it first to be sure that the material is age-appropriate for your child.
The one curriculum choice that is really not working for this year is Meet the Masters. I was very excited when they launched their new and improved website, but then something happened and it has been down for weeks. We have access to the old site still, but after seeing the new site, the old site seems like a joke. Also, Gohan is really rebelling against having to “do” any art. As you can see by his art sample from above, he is not exactly putting a tremendous amount of effort into this subject. He doesn’t see why he needs to do anything more than learn about the artists. I really don’t have a good argument, other than I’d like for him to feel comfortable with various art mediums and being annoyed that it seems like I am constantly battling him, because he wants to do the absolute minimum in regards to bookwork. On the other hand, he has been good about doing art up until this school year, so I may let this battle go.
Things I’m working on… Winterizing the house. It’s that time of year – time to store the hoses and outdoor furniture, plant any new spring bulbs, check all the windows, stock up on food and batteries for power outages, etc. We’ve had a mild fall, but snow can strike any time after November 1st around here.

I’m reading… Northanger Abbey: A Longman Cultural Edition – My second Jane Austen book for the year, which I am enjoying much more than I enjoyed Mansfield Park, thus far. The cover of the edition has a very strange drawing, which perhaps will be explained by the end of the book. I do like that it has a lot of footnotes that explain Austen’s various idioms and phrases.
I’m cooking… not much, Gohan has activities that run late three nights a week and I am having trouble finding ways to get creative with dinner when I don’t get home until 7:30-8:00 at night. We normally eat late, compared to most people, at about 7:30 PM, but this is too late even for us. Me thinks that I need to get reacquainted with my crockpot.
What has been happening in your house this week?
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