Montessori Monday–Our Final Open Close Basket


Last week, I presented Dora with the most challenging open-close basket yet. I ordered a few bottles and tins from  Specialty Bottle, which is super reasonably priced BTW. I also purchased the most interesting and difficult containers that Montessori Services had to offer. I added a couple of small pieces of chocolate to a couple of the containers, so there was high motivation for Dora, but still…it only took her about three minutes to open every single container. So at this point, I’m going to say that Dora is just beyond open-close baskets. I had hoped to find some more containers that truly challenged her, but the next step up would be some sort of puzzle-type container. As is, I could barely open some of these containers. I don’t know if she is just Super Fine-Motor Skills Girl, or if her tiny hands made it easier for her, but some of these she was able to open more easily than I could.

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