Preschool At Home: Salmon Theme

Salmon Hatchery 4This week, we did our annual trek to the salmon hatchery.

Salmon Hatchery 3It was exciting to see the difference in Dora’s reaction from last year. She understood so much more and was so excited about it all.

Salmon Hatchery 11Somewhere along the way, however, just like at the zoo, her attention turned to plants and we spent an hour or so looking at their native plant garden and other landscaping.

Salmon Hatchery 12Dora is absolutely obsessed with berries and I feel like an idiotic, overprotective parent always saying, we can’t eat them if we don’t know what they are. Basically, the only wild berries that I can recognize are raspberries, blackberries, huckleberries, and salmonberries. So that kind of limits her ability to eat wild berries. For instance, does anyone recognize this berry? Salmon Hatchery 14Anyway, I decided that I need to better educate myself and just purchased this app.

I haven’t used it at all (literally just purchased it, though there is a free version also) and will let you know how well it works after I’ve tried it some. If I suddenly stop blogging one day soon, you can assume that it didn’t work well and that I have probably died from eating poisonous berries.We then read The Salmon Princess: An Alaska Cinderella Story, which, as the title implies, is a Cinderella story.  I had been expecting a Alaskan Native American version of Cinderella, but this book is a modern version, which while seemingly trying to hint at the Native American culture, falls flat on its face in that regard. In addition, though the cover shows the main character walking on salmon, she only says she will do that if she has to. Dora liked the “princess’” gown and that an eagle brought it, but overall I am not going to add this my list of favorite versions of Cinderella.

We then completed the river wildlife section of Maurice Pledger’s Animal World Sticker Book. As usual, Dora loved doing sticker pages about animals that we had just seen. We’ve now completed all of the aquatic wildlife sections of this book.

I’m in shock as I am only now realizing that we never did our planned salmon-themed art project, though Dora did lots of independent arts and crafts this. I am now going to go whip myself with a wet noodle for this oversight on my part!

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