Montessori Monday–Line Drying Doll Clothes

Line Drying Baby Doll Clothes

Dora usually loves any excuse to play with water, plus she loves doing anything that grownups do, so I thought she would really enjoy washing and line drying her dolls’ clothes. She did not, not even one bit. Part of it may have been, because I insisted on doing it in the garage since she does not have “wringing” down very well and I didn’t want her dripping tons of water, or worse yet, spilling a large bucket of water on our wood floors.

Another problem may have been the whole clothespin thing. She seems to struggle with clothespins. I even bought some special small ones for her, because of previously to dealt with this issue in other activities. She seems to be one of those perfectionists who, when faced with a task she can’t do well, refuses to do it at all.

Or it may have been that I don’t line dry many of my clothes and my drying rack doesn’t require clothespins, so this was nothing like actually doing “real” work.

Or it may have been… any number of things. She went along with it once, but definitely has no desire to do it again at this point in time.

What did you do this Monday? Hopefully it was more successful than ours was. I’m linking this post to:

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