The Homeschool Mother’s Journal–11/11/11

In my life this week…Well, how many ways was today an important day? It was Veteran’s Day, Martinmas, and 11/11/11! I suppose that I should be especially grateful for Veteran’s Day as my mother once told me that she and my father would have waited longer to have children, but he was leaving for Vietnam and she didn’t want to risk waiting until he got back to have children.

Overall, this was a good week. My sinus surgery recovery has gone well and I got the go ahead to start exercising again. I ran four miles yesterday. Unfortunately, at the ripe old age of 42, taking a week off results in much more muscle atrophy than I would like. It used to be that I’d take a week off every once and a while just to let my muscles get a good chance to repair themselves, but I was pretty sore today from doing my usual 3x/week run yesterday.

What’s working/not working for us…I don’t know if I have Curriculum ADD or what, but I sure seem to have trouble with constantly switching Gohan’s curriculum. This year, history and science have been our only constant. This week, I decided that Singapore Math just doesn’t work for Gohan. I ‘m not sure why I even tried it again as it was so disastrous for him in elementary school. For one thing, he needs constant review. Mastery-based math programs just don’t work for kids with his type of learning disabilities. Secondly, on Monday he started the chapter review and the questions were nothing like anything he’d done before. They were applications of what he had learned, which he should have been able to do, in theory. In reality, he looked at them, saw something completely unfamiliar, froze, and basically forgot everything he learned about math this year.

So we’re switching to Saxon Algebra 1/2. I actually always liked and used Saxon until a couple of years ago when Primo started using their Advanced Mathematics book. At the time, there were no video lectures available, and I was spending hours teaching, correcting, and reviewing assignments with him. I finally decided that Saxon had started to go downhill in the upper grade levels, just when I needed them most. I later learned that the upper grade level books were actually written by different people than the early grade level books, so my theory wasn’t totally off base.

Since then, however, Saxon has release new versions of many of their books, has come out with a stand-alone geometry book, and has released DVD’s with teachers going over all the lessons and solutions for the upper levels of math. Combine that with the constant review and their no-nonsense approach to math, and I am cautiously optimistic that we will have a good match. Math has become Gohan’s least favorite subject this year, while it used to be his favorite and best subject, so things have become quite dire here.

I’m reading…My last Jane Austen book challenge book, Persuasion. I saw the play with a dear friend and we both cried during it, because it moved us so. Thus far, the book is not entertaining me as much as the play did, but I am not far enough along to say “yay” or “nay” yet.

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