Preschool at Home–Goats and Martinmas

Fox Hollow Farm 14

Our theme for most of this week was goats. We started our theme by visiting a local farm with some baby goats.

We then read The Three Billy Goats Gruff, which Dora now requests every time she needs to spend “time” on the potty. I guess it is because she enjoys music and sound so much, but she just loves the “trip, trap, trip, trap” parts of the book.

Finally, we completed the mountain animals section of Maurice Pledger’s Animal World Sticker Book. Dora really loves doing this book and we now only have two more sections of the book to complete.

Our craft this week, however, did not revolve around goats. Instead, we celebrated Martinmas. I have never celebrated Martinmas before, but ever since I read this post about Martinmas from Rhythm of the Home last year, I knew I wanted to do so for now on.

Martinmas Lantern 1

Our first part of our celebration was to go the grocery store to buy baby food, which we then dropped off at the food bank. I chose baby food in particular, because I felt Dora would feel more vested in the whole process that way and she was very excited to pick out the “best” baby foods. Dora and I spent a while discussing the concept that some babies go hungry, but I’m not sure how well she understood what I was telling her. I wouldn’t have tried explaining such a complex concept to her had she not kept asking why we were bringing baby food to the food bank.

Martinmas Lantern 2

We started making our lantern earlier in the week, but did not finish until tonight. There were two things I would change about our lantern, could I do it over. Firstly, I would not use any dark-colored tissue paper as you can not see the leaves through it. Secondly, I would make sure I finished the lantern by the 9th, so that it had at least two days to dry really well so the sides would be firmer. Dora did really enjoy making and lighting the lantern, except for being out in the cold (it’s 34 degrees here right now!).

Martinmas Cake

We also made the Martinmas Cake recipe that is posted on the Rhythm of Home site and enjoyed it immensely. We ran into one glitch in that we did not have any applesauce at home. So we ended up using all of our apples to make a last minute batch of applesauce!

Making Applesauce 1

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